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A range of lenses to fit your frames. From non-prescription and ultra-light , to tinted and sunglasses.

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About Dead Men’s Spex

Dead Men’s Spex is a family run business based in Norfolk, England. We have more than 30 years history of working within the optical trade, we’ve seen a lot of changes – not all for the best! So 13 years ago, with this in mind, we set our standards high when deciding to supply the best quality vintage frames we possibly could. All frames are therefore dismantled, cleaned, polished and re-assembled in our own workshop to make sure you are going to get a frame that is in the best condition possible.

We have our own glazing facility that allows us to fit your prescription lenses to any of our frames, making them not only stylish pieces of history but very practical. So whether they are for weekend re-enactment or every day wear we can offer you the perfect frame.

We pride ourselves on our customer care and attention with an after sales service that brings customers back time and again. Thank you for visiting us, and Happy Shopping!

Darren Manion
Owner of Dead Men’s Spex