Frame Measurements

All our frame descriptions contain full measurements so that you can judge whether a particular frame will fit you. The following measurements are given:

  • Temple to temple measurement
  • Frame front width
  • Side length to bend at ear
  • Eyepiece width
  • Eyepiece depth
  • Bridge width

We suggest that you compare them with the measurements of a frame that you currently wear to get the best idea of how a frame will fit.



In order for us to create your lenses, you will require:

  • a copy of your prescription
  • your Pupillary Distance, or PD, which can be supplied by your optician or measured by a friend per instructions below
  • your selection of the type of lenses required


Measuring Pupillary Distance

  • Ask a friend to stand directly opposite on the same eye level and at arms reach.
  • Position a ruler on your nose as in the photo below.
  • Measure the distance between the edge of one pupil and the same edge of the other.


The prices below are for prescriptions within the range of +/- 6.00 sphere +/- 2.00 cyl (outside of this range please contact us)

Plano (non-prescription) plastic lenses £15.00 a pair

Single vision clear plastic £35.00 a pair

Plano (non-prescription) tinted sunglass plastic £20.00 a pair (available in grey, brown and green)

Single vision tinted sunglass plastic £45.00 a pair (available in grey, brown and green)

Single vision anti-reflective plastic £45.00 a pair

Single vision plastic reactolites (photochromic) £65.00 a pair

We can also fit lenses to your own frames at your own risk. There will be an extra glazing charge to your own frame, please enquire.

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