February is finally here. Thank goodness for that, I don’t know how it was for you, but this year January seemed to drag on forever! I am happy to say that there are some signs that Spring is around the corner; there’s one brave snowdrop in our garden and amazingly, primroses in flower on the verge of the lanes near our village.

Primroses spotted on our Sunday walk on the last day of January

Spex wise, we have also had a reminder that there will be brighter days ahead; we recently bought a selection of lovely frames including a pair of Anglo American Optical blue butterflies, there’s nothing like a splash of colour on a dull day to make us feel brighter and these little beauties got me dreaming of sunny days. That’s the great thing about dealing with vintage stock, you never know what goodies are going to turn up on your doorstep next!

Talking of vintage goodies, we’ve been updating our page on the Discover Vintage Marketplace, run by Keeley Harris, the organiser of the wonderful Festival of Vintage events. Sadly, these events are cancelled which is very disappointing as we all love a good show, but you can still treat yourself to a virtual browse through a whole range of vintage traders’ stalls including ours.

We wish you a good week and hope for a bit of sunshine in amongst the grey clouds.

All the best from Team Dead Man