What a difference a week makes. As we enter lockdown 2 day 5 Dead Man and I have been mainly sorting frames. He managed to get in under the wire and get to London last Wednesday the day before lockdown and buy a whole selection of fabulous new old stock. It was not without its cost though, they; Dead Man and my bestie Kay ( who is his driver on buying trips) got caught up in the mother of all traffic jams trying to leave London. It took them almost seven hours to get back to Norfolk and has put Kay off the capital for a while. Meanwhile I kept the home fires burning and made fish pie which they ate at 11pm.

The stock is lovely, we now have a fabulous collection of both gents’ and ladies’ frames. The ladies’ frames include many styles of cats’ eyes made for Selecta USA by Frame France and each style is named. Many are glamourous; harking back to an elegant era. For example we have; Charmette, Claudette, Caresse and Playgirl sunglasses to name but a few. There are a lot of C names and a variety of sizes and colours which got my brain whirring!

Examples of the choice for gents are; Ambassador, Commodore, Excelsior, Frank and Polo. Dead Man has started uploading them onto our website and has already Instagrammed a few. Here are a selection of the lovely Caresse frames that are now live on our website. How about this for a bit of sophistication; number 1 is Velvet Lilac, number 4 Dark Grey Pearl, number 7 is Scarab and number 9 is Starlight.

In my previous blog I said we were seeing customers in our garden show room, unfortunately we are now unable to do so due to this second lockdown. However, we are very much still open for business online, thank goodness for the internet and the post office! Also, on the plus side, this lockdown we can fit lenses to any frames you require as the lens manufacturers and glazing houses are still operating . So why not take a peek at our website?

I wish you a good week, it is so warm and sunny here in Norfolk I may have to go and borrow a pair of those new sunnies and strut down the lane in them and show them off to my neighbours- in my wellies of course, it’s very wet underfoot!

All the best The Dead Men’s Team.