We have a new website. Hooray!

Along with the new website we have a new blog page, so here I am and it’s great to be back! We also have a new website provider, Starfish, who have been working hard to set it all up and get it out there for us. Our new site is smart phone friendly so you can scroll down much more easily than with the old one. This new beginning was quite an upheaval which lead to much moving and photographing of stock, it was ‘like giving birth’ says Dead Man. The old website has now closed and would like to thank Twan Van Beers for providing us with an excellent service, hosting and maintaining it for eleven years.

This year has been a challenging one here at Dead Men’s Spex, just as it has for everyone else, but we are happy to say that we are still specking away! We are once again open to see customers at Dead Men’s Towers. We are pleased that we have had quite a few people come to buy spex from us since July when we reopened our vintage spex showroom shed in the garden (with Covid 19 adaptations).

“Uncle Walter” modeling our covid ready collection!

If you would like to come and visit us to peruse our great selection of spex you are very welcome to do so, just give us a bell so we can make an appointment. Speaking of great spex, Dead Man is hoping to trot off to London next week to collect a consignment of new old stock. (Fingers crossed that London stays open!) He went in August to check out the stock and came back really excited bearing samples of lovely cats eyes. Watch this space to hear how he gets on.

Wishing you all a good week, we are hoping for a bit of sun here, I think Norfolk will soon float into the North Sea after all the rain we’ve been having!


Stay safe

Team Deadman