Its a particularly miserable day here in Norfolk, but life goes on here at Dead Men’s Spex. I did scurry in the sleet into our showroom in the garden (we call it ‘the shoffice’) to find a frame we required and whilst there I had a peruse of Dead Man’s collection of vintage optical equipment and memorabilia. Those of you who have visited us in non lockdown times know that this is quite extensive. However, I discovered a while back that it was missing a vital component; an eye bath. Deadman developed an eye infection and needed to bathe it, so I asked our neighbour if she had an eye bath which we could borrow. She did indeed, a blue plastic one which did the job very well, however, she informed us that it had been previously used by Henry the horse – only in Norfolk! We washed it out thoroughly and it worked a treat and inspired me to get Dead Man a vintage one for Christmas. I bought him a rather attractive green glass one from eBay  which dates from the 1950s and is now in his collection. So far it has only been used for decorative purposes but next time we need to bathe our eyes we know where to look. and who knows whose eyes it has helped in the past! However, I think we’ll let Henry stick to the plastic one.

I hope you all manage to keep your spirts up in this damp and chilly lockdown,

until next week,

All the best team Dead Man