We’re happy here at Dead Men’s Spex as the sun is shining on us in Norfolk- at last! After a very cold May,  we are having some lovely weather. Last week we made it out towards the coast, we avoided the beaches because it was half term and by all accounts they were heaving. We chose to go to inland slightly, to Warham and Binham and had a lovely afternoon, we even made it to the pub- the first time in ages.


Although we are not attending any shows this summer, we are making the most of the warmth and are enjoying welcoming people to our show room and small garden. We have plenty of great specs to choose from including these cool cats eyes, Anette which come in a variety of colours including black, mocha, velvet blue (shown above) or mink white.  We are also happy to report that we are in the middle of sorting out an order for a musical, we take this as a very positive sign.

Have a good week, TTFN Team Dead Man