Vintage Gold Filled Algha half eye 42×22


The iconic 1970’s utilitarian design.

The NHS “722” will take you straight back to flared trousers, platform shoes and teachers with patches on the elbows of their sports jackets.

A must have – re-furbished – supplied as an Algha or Merx model depending on stock

*This frame is still made under the Savile Row trademark and costs from £600+ retail! *

Please note that if we fit lenses to this frame they are glazed by an outside supplier due to the shallow nature of the frame and can take 7-10 days.




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Model  Algha Half Eye – NHS00S
Colour Gold Filled
Condition  Very Good+ : Reconditioned : Very clean
Size  40×22 (small)
Eyepiece  40mm x 21mm
Bridge  22mm
Temple to temple  114mm
Full Frontal width  116mm
Sides  135mm


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