Vintage Gold Filled NHS 722 half eye large


The iconic 1970’s utilitarian design.

The NHS “722” will take you straight back to flared trousers, platform shoes and teachers with patches on the elbows of their sports jackets.

A must have – re-furbished – supplied as an Algha or Merx model depending on stock

*This frame is still made under the Savile Row trademark and costs from £600+ retail! *

Please note that if we fit lenses to this frame they are glazed by an outside supplier due to the shallow nature of the frame and can take 7-10 days.



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Model NHS 722
Colour Gold Filled
Condition  Very Good+ : Reconditioned : Very clean
Size  46×22 (large)
Eyepiece  46mm x 24mm
Bridge  22mm
Temple to temple  128mm
Full Frontal width  130mm
Sides  145mm


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